Sophie's Fine Goat Milk Soaps

Sophie's Fine Goat Milk Soaps are made for the one who cares about their skin and what they put on it. Our soaps are actually good for the skin because they are made from the finest products available. We raise and milk our own nannies and carefully choose the best feeds for them. Why would that be important?  Because the quality that goes in. . .also comes out in the richest and sweetest milk available. Like the Carnation "contented cows", our nannies are happy where they live and in return produce the creamiest milk for the base ingredient of our soaps.

We use goat milk because it is naturally homogenized and does not turn rancid when made into soap. The goat milk is the only animal product used in our soap and we Never do any testing on animals of any kind. Our friends and relatives have been the ones trying the soaps and have in fact, encouraged us to put the product on the open market. Saying that "once they tried it they would never go back to commercial soaps." . . . "It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth". . . "My complexion has really cleared and my face is so smooth. '

Oils of olive, safflower, canola and vegetable, all of which are polyunsaturated, along with dried herbs and essential oils make up the basis for the most luxurious and healthful soap you will ever use. We do not use palm or coconut oils to make the rich lather. Those oils are saturated fats.  Aren’t we supposed to avoid saturated fats in our diets? Then why would you want to use them on your skin, isn’t your skin an organ too? Our soaps lather just fine without the use of palm and coconut oils.

When using Sophie’s Fine Goat Milk soap, you will notice the soft scent it emits and that it will take a fair amount of water to lather. Don’t worry, it isn’t washing and melting away quickly. Our soaps are hard cured soaps that do not have artificial fillers, preservatives or chemicals to make them melt easily.

Our goal is to offer a product as natural and wholesome as what grandmother used. . .a product that cleans, conditions, softens and smells so nice without the use of modern synthetics and chemicals. What could be better for your skin?

Sophie’s Fine Goat Milk Soaps are made on a little farm in the heartland of Kansas. We are not a mega manufacturer, we make the soap in the kitchen of our farm house in small batches so the quality remains constant. Each bar is hand cut so there will be some imperfections. . .but that is just part of the charm of hand made soaps. The little cotton blend bag has been designed and printed to be used not only as packaging but also as a scrub bag.  That’s right, you can leave the soap in the bag and use it that way. Let it hang in the shower or at the kitchen sink ready to use again and again. When the soap is gone you can use the cute little bag to put things in like hair clips, rubber bands, jelly beans, dried herbs or drawer sachets.

We sincerely hope that when you use our soaps you will enjoy our pure and wholesome product and not only use it yourself but also give it as a thoughtful gift to someone special.

Annie and Leon Moeder email us with questions